Functional Programming Leaders with Mathieu Boespflug


June 2nd, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Robin Bate Boerop talks to Mathieu Boespflug, the founder and CEO of Tweag. Tweag is a company that specializes in functional programming and was founded in 2013, when this technology was still perceived as a niche tool for early adopters. Since then, Tweag has grown into a mature software consultancy with a wide variety of industry projects, always keeping the core principles of functional programming at heart that promote composability, reproducibility, correctness and many other desirable properties for software.

Mathieu and Robin talk about the founding of Tweag and what Mathieu wanted to work on and bring to the software industry. In particular, we hear about Mathieu's interest in a diversity of programming languages, Tweag's work towards interoperability of languages via build systems, and other interests that inform the R&D that Tweag undertakes. We wrap up with some perspectives on the future of the programming industries and some trends that the industry is working on, and thoughts on interesting areas of programming-language research that are coming to the languages we know and love!

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